Words of Love

Words Of Love
Shot from the music video for Words Of Love

What are words of love? Why do we need them? Are words of love less special if you give them out freely? Do we take how we feel for granted and never share words of love?

These are questions I often think about for myself and why I might hold back from saying the things that I might want to truly say. Why would I be stopped? For fear of not hearing a response I want to hear? Or is it having the courage to be vulnerable? Sometimes I feel we all know our own answers to these questions. If we took two seconds and got off autopilot, we might just hear the answer.

My experience is that the most powerful way is to be honest with what I am feeling is to not over think anything.

To stand quietly in a space where the feelings are present. Listen to the other person and then share what you are feeling in the moment. That is the truth. I feel if we all were to take this on, and take on owning our own self, we would speak more words of love with each other. This for me has taken a huge amount of understanding of myself. To see what our failings and what our gifts are, to embrace equally all that we are.

We are all on this ongoing walk of life. To really listen and accept all that we are and are not is freedom to speak words of love.

Negative head noise and falsehoods can lead any of us astray and keep us from sharing deeply. It is not easy but with time our self practice flows toward more fulfillment and self-care.

I found as I go along and come face to face with all things me, I learn to accept myself and quickly let go of judgement of self and others more and more quickly. Then when I have that freedom, it feels much easier to jump out and say words of love to people with out the fear or editing.

I also noticed a beneficial practice of keeping as many negative words and thoughts to a minimum keeps me more in touch with calm and clear thinking.

Although, the effect of someones injustice, foolishness, and acts of insanity might be too over-whelming. Then you just have to make it wrong out loud! and you hope you have an audience cause some how it makes you feel right, but it makes no real difference in changing the situation. You just feel upset.

In my opinion, I think we all need words of love.

It’s a practice like everything you want to be good at. It makes you feel good and it makes others feel good, too. Even if they don’t show you, they don’t share it back, or you think they wont get it. While it’s not up to you to know, it up to you to give it. So, yes, I believe we should give our words of love out freely, to all whether they can hear it or not. Then this practice will set a frame for the words of love to live.

If you want to hear our song Words of Love you check it out below or on our Demos page or you can check out the video on our videos page.

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