What Is Beauty? What Makes Me Shine?

BEAUTY:  the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.

We spend more time and money wanting to become more beautiful, or truth is the perception of what we might think is Beautiful, that we forget to look in the mirror and see what is already there.

Do you like what you see or is it not enough? We must want more, we should want more…. Such concepts and beliefs span across all that we do and strive for in our culture. It also fuels the beauty industry to the tune of more than 62 billion dollars in 2016! My GOD! Are we trying to hide something or are we just seeking acceptance?

I ask: What is being beautiful?

It might be said that is what the trends dictate, the magazines ads push, and the celebrities of the day endorse. Again, the pressures to conform to what the status quo has arranged for us is a huge influence to be perfect, to do it their way or you are not beautiful. I say, no and time to take you back. I say that the fantasy industry and make up can be fun, but is it us? Is it real or just a projected outer perception? Do I love me just as I am? Hmm?

Beauty emanates from within
Beauty emanates from within.

I say, let’s get to know ourselves and love the truth of what we see or feel.

Hard step!!  Such a risk dealing with lies we bought into for so long. Letting go, day by day, and with loving acceptance towards the self is key. It is a daily practice. This supports and can retrain our mind, allowing for new choices, adding new steps forward to express our full self. Saying one day, I love me just the way I am.. whoa!… good song. Hahah.

I feel that our inner force that we share with others, swirls with such magic, from the inside out, that whoever is paying attention realizes and sees that gift of beauty.

This is very attractive, one would say, beautiful. I know we have all met someone who walks into the room, smiles, never says much but the power beaming from them is completely infectious. They call it Charisma! It is not something you try, or push or make happen, it just is. It’s real, it’s you, and it’s you loving who you are, now.  It is something so unique and honest that it attracts you and you want to be near them, to listen, to just talk to them. It’s a natural energy and flow that gets on everyone. People feel that you understand them and you could be their best friend. It’s like a candy store or fresh hot baked bread, right out of the oven. YUM!

Anyway, this is what I aspire to in “BEAUTY” … to just to be more myself, with honest words of love, to know what that means, and to design my life everyday with authenticity.

To look at what works and if “make up” is fun then so be it. It is not to hide or change myself to be better it is to enhance and accent my inner beauty.

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