The Other Half Of The Mirror

Gene at Edinburgh Rock n Blues Festival 2017
Gene at Edinburgh Rock n Blues Festival 2017

Hello all, I’m Gene, the other half of Mirror Speaks The Truth.

Below is a little background about who I am, starting with my current take on philosophy….

Eastern philosophy versus Western philosophy has never been an either one or the other thing with me. In fact, I’m probably pretty much Wavy Middle Line philosophy I’d reckon…

My philosophical beliefs borrow from Taoism, Stoicism, the Norse Hávamál, the Niitsitapii ways of knowing, chaos, and complexity. Add to that a lifetime (53 years as of this writing) of observing the world around me.  There’s a lot (really a whole shitload) more influences in there. A lot of hypotheses explored and discarded, religious trials and investigation. A lot of science, and I hope a good dollop of common sense.

With respect to belief in the supernatural, I’d like to. I love mythologies from around the world. That said, at the end of the day I believe none of it to be anything other than entertaining.

It was once a way to explain what we didn’t understand. I’d also extend that concept of entertainment to religion. I think religion is dangerous. It provides nothing that can’t be found in real community and friendship with the rest of humanity and the world. I also believe religion and government are ways to exert control and put power into the hands a few people who know best... Fuck that. You have a brain, use it and let me use mine.

I also don’t believe in a soul or consciousness as they seem to be made up things to explain things we don’t yet understand completely.

I suppose I’m a physicalist at the end of the day. I don’t see the need or value to explain every bit of minutia of how thought, action, physical processes and mental processes works. I do completely understand there are those that do want to have a greater understanding of those things and I encourage them. I’ll also adjust my opinions as these hardy souls bring the world new verifiable evidence either for or against the questions of consciousness or lack thereof.

I do take issue with self-appointed gurus, masters, wise women or wise men. Such people who, whether knowingly or not, spread misinformation, or potential damaging information, as fact.

I do not give people with a degree or degrees a pass. Simply because a group of like-minded peers consider you credible doesn’t mean you are. I might cut you a bit more slack perhaps… I believe in a track record. I believe in backing up claims with verifiable evidence. I really believe in common sense, which is ever not so common these days.

I am a skeptic… generally.

I love reality, what can be seen, heard, felt, shared among others in an obvious, overt fashion. 

The incredible universe we inhabit that has such incredible things is absolutely amazing! Black holes eating galaxies, dogs that travel hundreds of miles alone and without a map to be with their human families, bees that spread information among their tribes via dancing, and more. It saddens me that real monsters exist that promote discrimination based on ethnicity, sexual identification, economic standing, and made up fairy tales from invisible, non-existent, unprovable, beings. As far as I can tell, again sadly, most of the monsters are other humans.

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