The DNA Of A Song

DNA of a SongWhat is the DNA of a song or record?

A song’s DNA consists of all the bits and pieces that went into creating, recording, and distributing a record. Everyone generally thinks about the writing of the lyrics, maybe the composing of the piece, but the DNA of a song goes deeper than that. The DNA of a song or record includes things like the microphones that captured the vocals or guitar, the cords that attached that microphone to the console, the computer that records the information, the DAW that makes sense of it all, the plugins that helped sculpt, enhance, and color the raw sounds, the converting of that all to a distributable product… all this is part of the DNA of a song.

As we head into the studio this fall, we’re going to try to document the DNA of a new song.

This is as much for our benefit as anyone. When you start to consider all the myriad equipment, people, and other esoterica that directly affects a song going from our brain to yours, it’s pretty impressive. We feel it’d be interesting to really dig in and see all the elements that go into making a song. We’re gonna try to cover everything from the notebooks lyrics might be written in to the IT person that manages the servers that the music ends on.

There’s so much that goes into the making of a song. We think it’d be great to see all those pieces and how they connect.

The amount of work, the gear, all the people involved, is usually grossly underestimated by the public. We have a feeling our own estimates fall short, too. Doing this is also a way of really seeing the financial side of song creation. Again, we think even we probably underestimate the final numbers, but we’ll see…. We’re looking forward to seeing the result.

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