Revival EP available August 3rd!

Revival EP Cover
Revival EP

Our upcoming EP, Revival, will be available on August 3rd. Revival will include the songs, Come on Down, Hold On, and the final track of the EP, Courage. We’ll update next week with the specifics on where it’ll be available. For now, you can listen to the first two songs right here!

The Revival EP is a social commentary on  our modern culture. A shot across the bow, and a prelude to the upcoming album, Speaking Truth. Our hope is this album motivates you to take responsibility, make a difference, and join hands, hearts, and minds to forge a tomorrow that can be better for all of us!

We really hope that the message of Cultural Revival comes across. We all know that divisiveness, separatism, and isolationism doesn’t further ANYONE’S goals. Working together, listening, talking things through, even when you may not agree, that is how we make lasting change that we all benefit from. This country is in some pain, sure, but we’re still an amazing mix of people, an amazing nation, and we still believe everyone working together can make a real difference. Don’t let pettiness, tribal dynamics, and social media chaos derail justice, responsible social and fiscal decision making… not for yourself, and certainly don’t stand for it from the people we elected to serve us!

Please, do your part, and register to vote and then vote! Visit now to find out how and where to register. For you, for me, for all of us…Come on Down, Hold On, and have Courage!

Much Love – Glenda and Gene

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