On Love! (what it is to me)

Love and Candlelight
Candlelight and stories of love..

Love is so, so many things.

The one thing I know, is it starts with me as an inner then outer expression of oneness, openness, and an amazing opulent vulnerability. It is an unmistakable beam of being whole and complete. It feels like a clear water well with a deep center. Well, at least that has been my experience and of course, it has many, many more facets. When I can say to myself: I love you just the way you are no matter what. When I can feel comfortable in my own skin as look in the mirror and say, Yes. Then I know I have hit that huge milestone of self practice in love. Try to always start there, and yes, love flows like that.

I always know that when my inner thoughts align with how I feel, when I can see and embrace my insights as wisdom, act with patience, and listen for more understanding, life is good.

I know that this is my flow and I can see how it really contributes to others feeling their inspired love come flowing back. This way of being really shines out like a beacon, for all to see, opening hearts with only one intention, to create more of it’s self. That it’s infectious love nature, for love sake. Cause, I’ve seen love shine like that.

Therefore, if one is feeling self fulfilled then what is next but to attract more of it’s self. Yes. More rapturous roaring Love.

More and more! The moment it see’s it’s reflection of affection, it draws the one in. To be admired, to be deeply seen, to be touched with the intention of being devoured. Yes, Love is like that. It wants to be in the world for all to experience in whatever expression it plays for the one, to hear. The he-she desires the tender affections to fill the soul that express the truest wetness of tear, to stoke the red hot flame of passion, to cool the winds of the past, and to rest in green fields of mother earth, to feel the comfort of home and the heart but to be honestly nurtured with succulent nectar of devotion. Yes, love is like that. Yes, you are like that.


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