Be careful what you ask for!

G at Doing Jones Rally
Glenda at the Doug Jones Senate rally in Alabama.

It’s now Jan 6th and it’s a New Year! Whew!! 2018 is off to a powerful start and I am so grateful.

But, jumping back to a few months ago, it felt like a pressure cooker was about to explode all around us on so many levels.

Leading the explosion was front page headlines news of inappropriate sexual conduct, and it seemed the hot bed state of Alabama was leading the pack. It was Roy Moore, who was accused of assaulting teenage girls while in his 30s verses Doug Jones, who became known for prosecuting two KKK members for the bombing of Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist church in 1963 which killed four black girls. Whoa!?

In my mind no contest who should represent the state of Alabama.

But what about Alabama, were they still in the dark ages? What would they stand for? Wow, this race was gonna be paramount, I thought. Were we awake and standing for what’s truly fair, or closing our eyes to things that are unacceptable to most people on this planet? I was hoping that voting beyond partisan lines would take precedence over party, especially when it comes to this (fingers crossed)!

We all need someone to represent liberty, and human rights, especially when it comes to representing us in our government.

This Senate race was gonna be telling for them and us as a whole. What we believe is good and fair will be on trial here! Breathe …

So, there I was, sitting in my warm slippers over in snow-covered Boston laughing and crying while listening to John Oliver giving me the not so funny facts on two men who are running for Senate in Alabama.

As I listen to more details, I think. NO WAY!? my mouth dropped in shock that someone with that kind of criminal behavior could have the audacity to show their face, let alone run for a high office. I closed my eyes and I said to myself, at the time. “Wow, if I was in Alabama, I would support Doug to Win.”

Well, be careful what you ask for, because a month later my phone rang and I was asked to fly to Montgomery Alabama to entertain and sing as a support for a Doug Jones rally. … YEP! … and so, I did.

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