About MSTT

Music and Entertainment that Makes a Difference

In a world where hybrid styles of music is the norm, Mirror Speaks The Truth artistry and music goes beyond genre or style. It’s about musical emotion, thought provoking lyrical perspective and performance that impacts the heart.

A chance meeting in 2014 brought together these two artists with widely different yet complimentary backgrounds that has become MSTT experience. Their dynamic signature styles have led to an Emmy nomination and several awards recognizing their talents.


Glenda - one half of the Mirror
Glenda – one half of the Mirror – Craig Douglas Photography

MSTT weaves musical styles from the world over into their blend they call Soul-hop, a mix of soul, hip hop, blues/rock, electronica, with an added slice of Americana, that shares similarities with groups like early Heart, The Civil Wars, Yelawolf, Sarah Vaughn and Moby. Their signature styles have led to an Emmy nomination and several awards recognizing their talents.

Their music appears in films, documentaries, musicals, and even video games. With a stunning discography that includes over twelve albums between them, Glenda and Gene are prolific songwriters and producers that are ever pushing their own expectations..

Glenda’s journey took her from Oakland, California to the distant ports of Europe, Asia, and all over North America. During her “education on the road” she wrote and performed a variety of different musical styles including pop, rock, alternative, R&B, soul, and more.

She created and managed her own record label, and she has co-written two musicals. Glenda has consistently worked on a variety of philanthropic pursuits, and her philanthropic efforts and philosophy are a strong influence in her music and her life in general.

Leaving the farm, Gene’s travels took him to remote areas of North and South America, various parts of Europe, and across Arabia. During his time abroad he soaked up the local cultures, their art, and their sounds, often capturing field recordings that he would draw on for years to come in his music and sound design pursuits.

Gene - the other half of the Mirror
Gene – the other half of the Mirror – Stuart Stotts Photography

Gene’s musical journey includes a broad range including bluegrass, country, folk, rock, blues, hip hop, and many electronic, world, and ambient styles. Like Glenda, Gene also managed his own record label, and he was a commercial studio owner for many years.

Since 2014, Glenda and Gene have grown MSTT from an idea into a musical band and, under the guise of MSTT Productions, a media content creation company that offers music, videos, inspirational messages, life tips and to dos, short form literature and films, and a thriving artistic expression they share with the world.

Come along on their journey, for a short jaunt or a long adventure, welcome to their world….